Useful Songs in Spanish A Great Way to Learn Spanish

So, what about songs in Spanish?de donde

There’s something quite special about learning a language through song. It’s as though the combination of music, rhythm and words quite literally glues the information into your head.

Which person can’t think back to their childhood and recall all the words to a nursery rhyme or the tune and words to famous advert that had a catchy jingle to it?

It’s scientific!

Yes, the fact is that science has proven that music helps learning. They have done a plethora of tests in which music was played whilst people studied a certain topic. Later, when they tested the students on their recall they split them into two test groups.

One of the groups simply had to recall the information. The other group was played the same music that they had listened to whilst they had learnt the information.

The results showed that the group that had the same music played to them in the background whilst they recalled the information did significantly better than the group without music.

They even did it with alcohol!

Would you believe that the same study was done with a group of learners who were given alcohol whilst they studied a certain topic. Later, one group was tested on their recall in a sobre state. They did pretty poorly.

However, the other group were given alcohol again and, amazingly, their recall was far superior!

So, to learn Spanish should I just get drunk!

We don’t recommend the alcohol learning method simply because to recall all you know you would have to keep getting drunk! jeje.

It has to be said, however, that the majority of our students do affirm that their Spanish seems to vastly improve after two or three glasses of wine!

That’s why we made these songs in Spanish

We had the idea of creating some useful songs in Spanish to help our students learn more easily.  We came up with two songs that deal with the verbs SER and ESTAR and are designed to help our learners get the conjugations firmly fixed into their minds.

It’s not just for children

The song, ¿De dónde eres?, was written for our children’s after school clubs that we used to provide.(We gave them up because although they were fantastically well paid they were also fantastically difficult to control!)

Children aren’t the only ones who can learn from music, however, and although some people may find singing along to a song a little childish, it’s probably one of the fastest ways of increasing your memory retention.

Así que, ¡venga! Canta con nosotros and learn some really useful frases.


Gordon 🙂

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Video for This Spanish Lesson