Speaking Spanish My Worries and Excitement about Moving to Spain

Speaking Spanish is just the start.chaletscale

In the summer of 2016 we will be bundling all of our possessions,  upping roots and moving ourselves, lock stock and barrel to Guadalajara in Spain.  It’s time, we feel, that we had a change and what better place to move to than the sunny, mountainous region of Central Spain.

A move not without its challenges.

Both Cynthia and I are not unaccustomed to living in foreign climes, of course. Cynthia has now just completed her 11th year here in the U.K. I, myself, lived for four years in Rabat, Morocco followed by a further two years in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

However, we both know that speaking Spanish isn’t a guarantee of plain sailing. Without doubt we will have our challenges, our hurdles to overcome, however, probably no more than we currently have at the moment.

Are you crazy? Moving to Spain in ‘plena crisis’?

If you had asked me two years ago if I would have considered living and working in Spain, I would have replied with a very definite ‘ni hablar’. (No way.) What has changed since then is that with every year that passes, our business becomes more home centred. As we build our range of learning videos and the Helpsheets that we offer, we are finding that we spend much more time working from home. This gives us the opportunity to work anywhere in the world and, of course, we have chosen that anywhere to be Spain!

Skype classes

Both Cynthia and I have ever increasing amounts of students who learn with us through Skype. As you can imagine, this makes life so much easier for us and for the students as there is no travelling, no coffee and tea beforehand and no wear and tear on our cars.

Techno Fear

Would you believe that Cynthia really didn’t want to offer Skype classes because she thought that teaching would be too difficult via a computer screen. However, after only one or two classes she realised just how easy it all was and that apart from the very infrequent drop-out, there is little difference between actually being in someone’s home and appearing on their computer screen.

Our house in Spain

To be honest, I couldn’t believe our luck to have a ready made home in the mountains of Guadalajara. Cynthia’s parents have a ‘chalet’ (villa) at 40 minutes from their home (As you can see in the photo) and they have offered it to us to use as our base and home. (¡Los queremos tanto!)


In this video, you hear me speaking Spanish with Cynthia on my thoughts about the move and the consequences of such a big decision. Listen in!



Gordon 🙂

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson