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Victor’s Adventures in Spain

 Las Aventuras de Víctor en España.

We have to say that we are very excited about our latest project. It’s been three years in the making but finally it’s very close to being complete.

It’s a parallel text Spanish/English story about the fun and sometimes shocking experiences of Victor, a young man who decides to move to Spain to start a new life.  By no means does he have it easy yet despite the many hurdles he has to overcome, he truly does have una verdadera aventura.

What the book will offer you.

The original angle to Victor’s Adventures is that, unlike many parallel text books, it is filled with real to life experiences that teach the reader, by way of its fun to read story, exactly how to get by in Spanish speaking countries as well as the right Spanish to use in most of the day to day interactions we have.

Progressive Spanish.

Starting with basic Spanish that gradually becomes more complex as the story progresses, every chapter provides you with a learning exercise  and full explanation of each grammatical tense that subsequently appears in the story. The structure of the book is specially designed to take the student through a learning process that will ultimately provide them with a great level of Spanish comprehension.

Full AudioBook

The book also comes with an audio of the entire story spoken in Spanish giving you the chance to follow along and actually hear the correct way to pronounce every word. No more will you need to wonder whether you are saying the words correctly!

Testing your understanding.

Every chapter and corresponding lesson comes replete with tests to check to see if you have fully understood the lesson. It is this “Learn-Test-Learn” system that will quickly take your Spanish to far greater levels of understanding. You learn a new concept before starting a new chapter and then you see that concept being used practically within the story.

Speed Spanish Vocabulary.

In addition to the audiobook, you also have access to Spanish vocabulary builder audios and videos that cover all of the main vocab used in the book and even a wide range of verbs too! The system, as you will see when you watch the videos is simplicity itself, yet it will increase your speaking range enormously as well as improving your memory retention many times over.

The book is not yet on the market as we are still looking for the right agent and publisher to help us get it out there to our students.

If you have any suggestions of who we could contact or if you know of any agent that specialises in Spanish text books, we would very much appreciate your help.

Below we have provided you with the first videos in the range and the entire playlist can be see on our video channel on Youtube at:

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Video for This Spanish Lesson

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Video for This Spanish Lesson