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In this Audio blog and Spanish podcast we hear from two young gay men from Madrid. They talk about their viewpoint on how it is to be a gay person living in Madrid these days.

Clearly, for those that know the history of Spain, during the days of Franco, homosexuality wasn’t tolerated at all.  In those days, gay people were frequently killed by Franco’s men, the Guardia Civil.

Obviously, those days are over. So, as you listen in to the boys talking about their own personal experiences, you will find that attitudes have changed radically in Spain over the last few decades.

In fact, Spain is one of the forerunners in the push to get gay rights accepted. They have pushed the boundaries of marriage legislation and parenting, to allow gay couples to enjoy the same rights as any other opposite sex partnerships.

Jorge and Ivan are two very personable boys who have gone out on a limb to open up to LightSpeed Spanish. They discuss the situation in Spain and how it has affected them and their lifestyle.

Like everyone, you will have your own opinions on this subject. All we ask is for you to suspend judgement and use this Spanish podcast as a way of expanding your Spanish knowledge and understanding. And, whilst you do that, perhaps expanding your own horizons, too.

The challenge in this Spanish podcast is that it is audio only. Therefore, it requires your even more intense concentration, so that you can capture the narrative from Jorge and Ivan.


They do not speak with a beginners audience in mind. Their conversation would be rated at a three stars out of four for level of difficulty.

So your challenge is to listen to this Spanish podcast and see just how much you can capture. Don’t limit yourself to only one listen. Sometimes you need to hear something three, four, five or many more times to really get everything from it that you can.

So, we will leave you now to get started on your next listening challenge. Please excuse the fact that in the background, Sebastian is running around and making lots of noise.

This is real life, guys. In real life situations, this is what happens and so, it’s worth becoming accustomed to having to listen to someone over the top of other noise.

In Spain, especially, voted the noisiest country in Europe, you will very rarely find a true moment of silence!


Buena suerte,

Gordon y Cynthia.

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