ser-socio-membership-programThank you for taking an interest in our Ser Socio Membership Program. As a ‘Socio’, each week you will receive a full lesson on a wide range of subjects that you too can influence by writing us and telling us what you’d like to learn.

Each lesson includes a 10-minute transcribed and translated Spanish conversation in which we demonstrate how to use the particular structure that we are covering that day.
Then, we go on to talk for a further 10 minutes in English during which time we analyse the Spanish conversation to further help you understand how to use each structure well in conversation.

Ser Socio Table of Contents

Ser Socio Formal

Language Exchange Protocol: Getting the Best Out of Your Experience

Your ‘Must Watch’ Safety Video for Language Exchanges on Ser Socio

1 Lesson Talking about Food in Spanish and Giving Compliments

2 Lesson Understanding Ir + Venir and Llevar + Traer

3 Lesson La Policia y La Guardia Civil (Spanish Civil Guard)

4 Lesson Ser Socio The Spanish Pronouns LE, LO, LA. LightSpeed Spanish

5 Lesson The Personal A in Action Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

6 Lesson Being SCARED Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

7 Lesson I have eaten or I ate? When and when not to use the Present Perfect. Ser Socio.

8 Lesson Spanish Hospitals and the Doctor’s Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

9 Lesson Tips on Pronunciation in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

10 Lesson Spanish Lo que, Lo de, El de, qué and other confusing structures Ser Socio

11 Lesson Ser and Estar Using them well Ser Socio

12 Lesson Using Gustar with a System LightSpeed Spanish

13 Lesson The Spanish Gerund Using it well LightSpeed Spanish

14 Lesson The Verb Quedar and Quedarse LightSpeed Spanish

15 Lesson Alguno, Ninguno and Cualquiera in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

Feliz Navidad de 2016 a todos los Socios

16 Lesson The Hidden Spanish LO LightSpeed Spanish

17 Lesson Getting Angry in Spanish Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

18 Lesson Ways of saying Become in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

19 Lesson Spanish Christmas Día de los Santos Inocentes LightSpeed Spanish

20 Lesson The Spanish Gerund with other Verbs LightSpeed Spanish

21 Lesson The Phrasal Verb Get in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

22 Lesson Spanish Verbs Reflexive/Non-Reflexive LightSpeed Spanish

23 Lesson Spanish Sentence Construction LightSpeed Spanish

24 Lesson The House in Which I Live – Great Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

25 Lesson The Spanish Verb Pasar LightSpeed Spanish

26 Lesson Spanish Punctuation LightSpeed Spanish

27 Lesson Here, There, This, That, These, Those in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

28 Lesson Making Spanish Sentences ‘Perifrases Verbales’ LightSpeed Spanish

29 Lesson Ordering in Spanish Restaurants and cafés LightSpeed Spanish

Ser Socio Chalk & Talk

1 Chalk and Talk. The Personal A. How and when to use it (and when not!)

2 Chalk and Talk Pronunciation and the Nose Rule

3 Chalk and Talk Redundant use of the LE pronoun

4 Chalk and Talk Reported Speech: Who said what to whom?

5 Chalk and Talk The verb PEGAR and explaining ¡QUE SÍ! and ¡QUE NO!

6a+ 6b Chalk and Talk Getting your Spanish Pronunciation right LightSpeed Spanish

7 Chalk and Talk Review my Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

8 Chalk and Talk The verb Echar and Echarse LightSpeed Spanish

9 Chalk and Talk P.R.I.D. Perfecting the Pronoun Order

10 Chalk and Talk Enhance your Spanish Learning LightSpeed Spanish

11 Chalk and Talk Understanding the Spanish SE LightSpeed Spanish

12 Chalk and Talk Understand SE in Spanish with the Victim Structure

13 Chalk and Talk COULD in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

14 Chalk and Talk Que vs Cual? (¿Qué? vs ¿Cuál?) LightSpeed Spanish

15 Chalk and Talk Spanish Reflexive Verbs LightSpeed Spanish

16 Chalk and Talk The Verb Pasar in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

17 Chalk and Talk Would/Should/Could have in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

18 Chalk and Talk What is the Spanish Subjunctive? (1) LightSpeed Spanish

19 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Past Participle as an Adjective LightSpeed Spanish

20 Chalk and Talk Easy Spanish Subjunctive 2 LightSpeed Spanish

21 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Imperative LightSpeed Spanish

22 Chalk and Talk 3 Spanish Subjunctive WISHES LightSpeed Spanish

23 Chalk and Talk The Usted Imperative Explained LightSpeed Spanish

24 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Opinions LightSpeed Spanish

25 Chalk and Talk Ya vs Todavía LightSpeed Spanish

26 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Obligations LightSpeed Spanish

27 Chalk and Talk The Aunque and Así que meaning LightSpeed Spanish

28 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Possibilities LightSpeed Spanish